GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. Declares Strategic Blockchain Integration Plans Into Its Ecosystem


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 11, 2018

GoverMedia Plus Canada Corp. (CSE: MPLS) (FWB: 48G) (WKN: A2JF6W) (“GoverMedia” or the “Organization”), is satisfied to declare today it is seeking after a few new essential drives to coordinate blockchain innovation inside its online biological system. GoverMedia hopes to situate itself as a digital currency cordial stage to fulfill neglected requirements in the Russian online business commercial center. Growing installments answers for incorporate significant cryptographic forms of money is a push to consistently amalgamate with existing blockchain networks addressing new business sectors for GoverMedia’s contributions.

The strategic paths GoverMedia is pursuing with respect to blockchain technology are:

  1. Cryptocurrency transaction processing: acknowledgment of significant digital forms of money for web based business exchanges joined with moment crypto-fiat transformation handling, administrative center and bookkeeping administrations offered to online vendors
  2. Blockchainlaunchpad platform: advertising and warning administrations pointed toward helping beginning phase blockchain tasks to arrive at their objectives
  3. Cryptocurrencytrading: access to full cryptocurrency exchange services
  4. Smart contracts: innovative work exercises for the execution of programming conventions to carefully execute contracts, without outsider impedance, and offer it as SaaS to our clients

GoverMedia CEO, Roland J. Bopp, commented: “We are happy to integrate new decentralized blockchain technologies into our internet ecosystem. Our team at GoverMedia is made up of some of the leading industry programmers and software developers in blockchain. Today’s consumers are technologically adept and want to shop on their own terms. It has been our intention since founding the Company to pivot into blockchain and cryptocurencies.  We believe that with the planned activities in our pipeline, we will expand our offerings to boost user experience and engagement, as well as attract new customers to our state of the art platform. This opens GoverMedia Plus to a brand-new market that is highly compatible with our current offerings.  We believe our revenues will scale up in the future as these additional offerings gain momentum. We will keep the market updated on our future progress.”

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